Wedding Vendor Workouts: April 2017

Welcome to the 21-day workout plan!

There are three workout videos (and a short “motivational message” below. Each workout should be performed for 7 days. 1 week a video, 3 funs video to keep your body in shape equals one 21-day body sculpting plan.

In order to give your clients the best you have to have something inside of you to give. Here is pouring into ourselves so that we can pour into others.

Have a fabulous April!


Week 1

Routine: 10 Pushups and 20 plank jacks for 3 rounds.

Week 2

Routine: Clam raises – 2 minutes (left and right). Squat Jumps -2 minutes. 2 Rounds.

Week 3

Routine: Kettlebell Swing or Deadlift – 3 minutes

Bulgarian Split Squat – 2 x 15

Kettlebell Swing or Deadlift-2 minutes

Have any questions? Email me at info@baltimorebridalfitness or call/text me at 404.569.1876. Each wedding vendor that I work with receives one free in-person workout with you and your team (this way you can “test out” my training style for your brides. Whether it’s helping with a matter for yourself or for one of your wedding clients I look forward to connecting with you soon!