I used to be that 2%…


Ashley Graham shared a quote in her TEDx talk that ripped a hole in my heart…

A study performed by Dove found that only “2% of woman believe that they are beautiful.”

If this is what we as women face on a continual basis-how much more of it carries over to our big day?

Your fiancé is marrying your strength, your sexiness, AND the value of self-worth that you alone can set for yourself.

Never be worried about the size of your wedding dress.

Instead celebrate the chance to shower your sexy body with love.

::Fresh fruits and veggies as snacks.

:: A cup of protein 5x/day.

:: Short, intense booty workouts that will not only add some more “sparkle” to your already gorgeous figure

– but that will also raise your metabolic level and have your body burning off calories long after your workout has ended.

And while you are loving yourself with your actions,

Take a moment to also love yourself exactly as you are now.

Stretch marks- Gorgeous I have them too, and when you own your sexy-cellulite and all- that makes YOU sexy.

“Back fat” hanging over your bra strap – you can’t help that your body is just so damn fine that it likes to peek out a bit and kiss the world.

Whether your thighs can’t keep their hands off of each-other or your delicate figure is more reminiscent of Cameron Diaz instead of Marylin Monroe.

Know that from Beyonce to Penelope Cruz – these are not just beautiful women in an elite of their own, but a class that your sexy self also belongs too.

Sexy is an attitude.

Not a size or shape.1

I don’t workout because I hate myself in the body that I am now.

But because I love the body that I am already in.

The most beautiful woman that you will ever meet is the woman that is already inside of you.






(1) Author of quote unknown.


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