How to Lose Weight for Your Wedding Day…even if it’s impossible to meet your calories.

Hi My Gorgeous Bride!

Maybe you’ve discovered the secret about calories.

It’s not always about creating a caloric deficit. 

It’s about making sure that your bridal fitness body gets what it needs.


Bridal Fitness Tip: Multiply your weight in lbs by a number in-between 17-21

That is the number of calories that you should currently be at.

If your not at this number, than generally my recommendation for clients is that they meet this number BEFORE cutting calories.


Sounds crazy but by eating more you can actually lose weight. Before any woman cuts her calories we should always make sure that we have a healthy + sexy metabolism in place.

This is the ideal situation, the one that I can tell you that after working with client after client – it works.

It’s not simple.

It’s not sexy.

But it will help you look hot, healthy, sexy, and  beautiful in your wedding dress.


But what if the reality is that you know that you can’t meet your numbers.

Well Gorgeous, the secret is that there is another way.

Now I’m still testing it out with the clients but if you adjust your macros (macronutrients) to 40% protein, 30$ fat, and 30% carbs and focus on tracking your macros your body will start to change.

It won’t replace calories.

But it’s a slightly easier and more feasible fix.

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. But the truth is that you don’t need a billion dollars to get a billionaires body.


All you need is…

Your sweat.

Your reps.

And one simple and sexy workout routine.

Sexy bridal fitness transformations are earned not given- c’mo Gorgeous, you have this! Give your body that love!


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