Bridal Fitness Tips | 6 Secrets for Your Sexy Wedding Shoes


What is sexier than shapely calves?

Well a Swarovski crystal wedding day stiletto of course!

Now I’m a stiletto aficionado.

But even I’m a proponent of being comfortable on your wedding day (even if it means trading out the stilettos for a pair of sparkly flip flops or house shoes).

However if you (like me), have a bad case of old habits dying hard.

Then here are 5 ways to keep your feet and calves both healthy and sexy for your wedding day.

#1. Vivian Lou Insoles

In two words, “their MAGIC.” These insoles help to transition the weight from your balls to heels. I wore my most painful pair of stilettos (black thigh high super sexy stiletto boots that hurt like the dickens but look absolutely amazing on) with these insoles and Gorgeous-wow. Let’s just say that I’ve never looked back sense.

#2. Calf Raises: Double + Single

With these next three videos I’m going to introduce you to a world of fitness that few talk about, see it’s not just about looking slim and sexy for your wedding day but being the complete package-hot, healthy, fit and sexy for the rest of your life.

These exercises are short + sweet, I hope you enjoy the treat!


#3.  Eccentric Calf Raises

#4 – Calf Raises with Tennis Ball


#5.  Soleus Raises

#6. The “Stiletto” Stretch

And that is it my beautiful bride to do, the five sweetest simplest secrets for not just a tight and trim body, but a pair of beautiful legs, healthy feet and shapely calves for your wedding day!

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