How to Lose Weight for Your Wedding Day…even if it’s impossible to meet your calories.

Hi My Gorgeous Bride!

Maybe you’ve discovered the secret about calories.

It’s not always about creating a caloric deficit. 

It’s about making sure that your bridal fitness body gets what it needs.


Bridal Fitness Tip: Multiply your weight in lbs by a number in-between 17-21

That is the number of calories that you should currently be at.

If your not at this number, than generally my recommendation for clients is that they meet this number BEFORE cutting calories.


Sounds crazy but by eating more you can actually lose weight. Before any woman cuts her calories we should always make sure that we have a healthy + sexy metabolism in place.

This is the ideal situation, the one that I can tell you that after working with client after client – it works.

It’s not simple.

It’s not sexy.

But it will help you look hot, healthy, sexy, and  beautiful in your wedding dress.


But what if the reality is that you know that you can’t meet your numbers.

Well Gorgeous, the secret is that there is another way.

Now I’m still testing it out with the clients but if you adjust your macros (macronutrients) to 40% protein, 30$ fat, and 30% carbs and focus on tracking your macros your body will start to change.

It won’t replace calories.

But it’s a slightly easier and more feasible fix.

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. But the truth is that you don’t need a billion dollars to get a billionaires body.


All you need is…

Your sweat.

Your reps.

And one simple and sexy workout routine.

Sexy bridal fitness transformations are earned not given- c’mo Gorgeous, you have this! Give your body that love!


5 Healthy Foods that Can Give You Gas on Your Wedding Day


Hi My Beautiful Bride!

Ok, so this post is a little “off the tracks” of a traditional wedding post. But in the theme of keeping it girlfriend-to-girlfriend here, healthy food is a beautiful thing but sometimes eating healthy food on the day of your wedding can give you some “unpleasant” results.

Now this is not saying to swear off these foods-it’s just that I’m not sure how many Brides realize which health foods can leave them bloated and gassy on their wedding day.

Complex carbohydrates and foods that are high in fiber keep your sexy body fit, full and healthy. And we all desperately need them in our life. But-when it comes to your wedding day-some of the complex carbohydrates can work against us. Complex carbohydrates are made up of more than one sugar unit and can also be referred to as oligosaccharides. There is a certain bacteria that live in our gut and love oligosacchardies and it produces Nitrogen gases which we release as flatulence (Everyday Healtlh). .

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, peaches, and whole grains are just a few of the foods that can lead to gas. Side-note: If you have a dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance it can make things worse as well.

Now Gorgeous-I’m not saying swear off the sexy.

Just for (one day) slightly minimize it.

And over a period drink plenty of water, eat slowly, and space your intake out.

After all – from your wedding day to beyond-it’s about loving every inch of your beautiful body!



Bridal Fitness Plan: 3 Home Exercises

Hi Sexy Lady!

Below are 3 home workouts to help you look slim and sexy in your wedding dress. After all- we don’t need hours in the gym or starvation workout plans, all your body needs is to consistently give it some nutrition and workout love!

From the Brazilian booty workout to how to get a flat stomach and great legs-welcome to these three sexy workout plan!

The routines were created by my other training program, Spice It Up Fitness -but trust me Gorgeous-these routines are great for every woman who loves feeling beautiful and sexy in her own skin!

brazilain-booty-workout flat-abs-great-legs flat-stomach-workout


What did you think of these routines Gorgeous? Were they easy? Hard? Made you want to kill me?

xoxo-let me know!



18 Wedding Meme’s that Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Is planning your wedding day details giving you migraines instead of making you laugh with delight,

and making you want to pull your hair out and drowning yourself in a glass of champagne instead of celebrating with it?


It’s ok Gorgeous, take a deep breathe, and leave it all out the door.

This is Jasmyne’s wedding dress world and my goal is in these next few minutes to make a beautiful smile break out on that Gorgeous face of yours!


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