3 Sexy Fitness Secrets that Every Bride Should Know

Secret #1. Quit the 10-Day Cleanse Game

There is a time for researching different diets, playing around with the various recommendations and having fun trying out making different recipes.



But 6 weeks before your wedding isn’t one of them.

And neither is 10 days.

At Baltimore Bridal Fitness we like to work with brides 12-6 weeks out from their wedding day and the only rule is that you do what we say.

Now from time to time we will make you a Pinterest board but only fast and easy recipes allowed.

We keep it simple. We keep it sassy.

You track your calories.

We make the adjustments to your food plan/macronutrient count as you near your wedding day.

And every 48-72 hours your coach reviews exactly what you have eaten and follows up.

Step #1: Multiply your weight in pounds by a number in-between 17-20.

Step # 2: Track your food for three days (two weekdays and one weekend).

Step # 3: Confirm that the calories that you would typically eat in a day adds up to the number calculated in step # 1. If not make adjustments.


Step # 4: Tighten up on your macronutrients. Keep your diet higher in protein but still keep your carbs and fats within the normal range. Especially as a woman your body to a certain extent needs fat- don’t go into a state of starving yourself before your wedding. Your fiancé will avoid you and your bridesmaids will run for cover.

Step # 5: Plan out a cheat day each week. This is a bridal transformation prep plan, not a jail diet. Life is meant to be loved and kept sexy, enjoy every single bite!

Secret #2: Go the fast food route.

Surround yourself with fast food. No Gorgeous bride-to-be, not McDonalds. But bananas, nuts, turkey jerky, rice cakes, grapes, strawberries, edema, travel mix, etc.


Make sure to keep the sodium low but whether it’s around your home in a large bowl on your kitchen table or in a secret “stash” bag in your car surround yourself with healthy food options that you can access on the go as your run through your wedding checklist.

Your nutrition plan needs to work with your lifestyle, not against it. That’s the only way it will work.

Secret # 3: Live the Brazilian booty way.


At Baltimore Bridal Fitness all of our brides end up with a pair of the most perfectly shaped “peaches” at the end of the sexy bridal fitness transformation.


Well it’s not for their honeymoon (although believe me, have the perfect set of buns for the beach isn’t the worse thing that could happen to a woman).

Through sexy fitness transformation after sexy fitness transformation we have found that when you focus on the glutes or butt muscles – you not only get a tight, round, and lifted bum. But you always become leaner, tighter, and sexier all over.


Your stomach becomes flatter.

Your thighs tighten up.

Even your arms began to tone.

Now this is not a fitness tip that you will read about in a typical fitness magazine. But after witnessing the change in not only ourselves, but our clients – there’s no denying the proof.

The hypothesis is that because the glutes are such a large muscle mass, as you sculpt your glutes a lot of exercises involve using your core and other muscles groups for assistance. But at the same time it makes your body more metabolically active.

And your sexy bridal fitness transformation occurs.

After all- you’re already beautiful.

But these 3 sweet and simple fitness tips will help you sculpt a body that you (and your fiancé) can appreciate and enjoy long after your wedding day.


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